He Leadeth Me!

"My goal in life is to let the love of the Lord lead me. My family and friends and my vocation to the priesthood are the greatest gifts I have received. I hope that each day is an opportunity to spread the love of Christ in all that I do."

~Father Jay


"Thoughts for a Lifetime"

Father Jay's Homily from Thursday, June 17, 2021


Exploring Catholicism

Take a unique tour of our faith and dive deeply into the great mysteries of how God is working in our lives. Join Padre Jay as he sits down with inspirational individuals for Christ-centered conversations. His guests include fellow clergy, businessmen and women, sports figures, and community leaders and activists of all ages.


The Padre Jay Podcast

On the go and want to hear the audio?  The Padre Jay Cast is an audio-only resource of Father Jay's homilies, interviews, and other reflections. 

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BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

A "BHAG," coined in the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, drives us in our daily and long-term endeavors. Father Jay's BHAGs are rooted in his service to the Lord, his ongoing ministries, and his deep passions for cheering on marriage, women's health, and the dignity of the human person. To that end, he pastors, has founded, and/or supports these organizations that share his same goals.

The Great Grouping

Fr. Jay pastors "The Great Grouping," a merger of the Good Samaritan, St. John the Baptist, Saints John and Paul, and Our Lady of Peace parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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Renew the 'I do' 

Fr. Jay founded RTID along with Arlene Milon, who serves as its Executive Director.  RTID offers unique and inspiring Pittsburgh date nights, quality marriage preparation, marriage resources, and renewal of vows Masses.

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Modern Fertility Care

Fr. Jay serves as the Spiritual Director for this collaborative of individuals, which includes founding member, 

Dr. Blaise Milburn, MD.  The collaborative share a passion for women’s health, marriage, and the dignity of the human person. 

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Preambula Group

Fr. Jay is receiving guidance from while also supporting the efforts of Preambula. Founded by Michel Therrien, STL, STD, Preambula is working to build a network of motivated Catholics equipped to bridge the distance between Jesus and those who are distant from Him.

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Move a Mountain Missions

Fr. Jay enjoys and is passionate about this Catholic non-profit that aims to help young people in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh grow deeper in their call to service. Their ministries include Brother Andres Cafe and Mustard Seed Communities.

Dry Bones

Fr. Jay is involved in this new Catholic non-profit led by Fr. Joe Freedy, whose mission is to revitalize the faith of and build a future for Catholics in Pittsburgh.​ Inspired by the teachings of St. John Paul II, their youth-oriented projects support a culture of life and love.

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St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Fr. Jay is close friends with the founder, Dr. Scott Hahn, and supports the efforts of The St. Paul Center, a nonprofit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study from the heart of the Church.